Coronavirus: Things you can do during Quarantine for time pass.

Quarantine for time pass

As we all know, the world is fighting with a dangerous disease called Coronavirus (COVID-19). To reduce this pandemic, we should break the chain so that it stops spreading. Although the governments are taking the necessary measures, as citizens, we should also take some responsibility to prevent the spreading of this virus. The governments ordered lockdown for social distancing. So please all of you be in a self-quarantine, come out only when there is an emergency.


Now being in Quarantine is not easy because we are all used to meet friends daily, going for shopping, movies, gym, office works etc. but suddenly being in a home all day long that too more than a month is tough. So don’t worry here we tell you some things you can do in self-quarantine.


Things you can do in self-quarantine:


Clean your Home:

Quarantine for time pass

In a busy life, you don’t find enough time to clean your house and arrange things as you wish. So this is the perfect time to clean your home. Moreover making good things give you self-satisfaction. So try this.


Read your favourite book:

Quarantine for time pass

Yes, we don’t find that much time to read a book in our daily routine, and we all have our many favourite book which we want to read. Take an old or your favourite book and complete that during this quarantine time. Not only that you can read some Biography, storytelling, Educational books by which you can increase your knowledge.


DIY Artwork:

Quarantine for time pass

To kill time, you can also do some artwork on your own. There are several YouTube channels which show you beautiful DIY artworks by just taking small things which are available in the home. These works will bring creative thoughts in you and make you more creative.


Take care of your skin:

Quarantine for time pass

In the daily routine, your skin gets polluted now it is an excellent chance to get your glowing skin back by taking home remedies for skincare. Apply face pack, relax by closing your eyes and listen to music.


Watch movies and Web series:

Quarantine for time pass

We know many of you always want to watch your favourite movies and web series but due to lack of time you don’t. So here you got an excellent chance to watch movies and web series. If you want to kill more time you can watch a web series. Many of them take one day to complete. Nowadays, many online applications are available like Netflix, Amazon prime, Aha, Hotstar, Zee5 Etc. So watch and chill.


Play multiplayer Games:

Quarantine for time pass

If you don’t want to miss your friends during Quarantine, play multiplayer games with them by sitting in your home. There are many multiplayer games like Pubg, mini militia, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, BombSquad Etc.


Mental and Physical Care:

Quarantine for time pass

In this quarantine time, you can also take care of the Physical and Mental health of your body. You can adopt a good habit like doing meditation which makes your mental health peaceful. You can also take care of your Physical body by doing GYM workouts at home using available equipment or else you can do yoga too.


Do Online Course:

Quarantine for time pass

Many of you want to do a course which makes your career more bright or which can make you more skilful person. You have a lot of time which you can use for the good things which makes your life better. So don’t waste time and complete an online course which is suitable for your job or academics.


So please stay home stay safe and cooperate with the government and give respect to police, doctors and sanitize staff.



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