Fact Check: Red ticks in Whatsapp means Government is watching your messages?

red ticks in whatsapp

In this period of lockdown, Whataspp has become a significant source of information in India. News is forwarding without determining if it is genuine. Due to these forwards, Misinformation is rampant on Whatsapp.

Recently, a message stating that the number and colour of “ticks” on messages in WhatsApp indicate that the government is taking a look of those messages is in circulation on various social media platforms.

The message claims that WhatsApp info regarding √

  1. √ = Message Sent
  2. √√ = Message Delivered
  3. 2 Blue √√ = Message Read
  4. 3 Blue √√√ = Government has taken a Note
  5. 2 Blue 1 Red √√√ = Government can take action against you
  6. एक नीली और दो लाल1 Blue 2 Red √√√ = Government is screening your data
  7. 3 Red √√√ = Government has initiated action & you’ll receive summons from court

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Fact Check:

The above claim is FALSE.

On Whatsapp, two blue ticks mean the message is read. But there is no Red tick feature in Whatsapp. No three tick feature exists on Whatsapp as well. While sharing of any offensive content may get the person punished or reported on the app, Red coloured ticks feature does not exist, and it does not mean that the court is going to summon the sharer.

AS we all know Whatsapp is encrypted app. it is encrypted by an end to end encryption, so there is no chance of Government or Whatsapp could read the messages we share.

Whatsapp has NOT given any official statement or info about this and also PIB debunked this message, describing that Government is NOT doing any such thing. And this is a FALSE message.