How to Call your friends with a Foriegn Number.

call with unknown number

Everyone always wants to Prank or tease their friends or lover whenever they got chance. Now you got that chance by using this trick. This trick is used to call anyone with a foriegn number. For doing this you just need only a Android smartphone thats it.

how to call with unknown number

To Call your friend with a foriegn number you need to Install a Application Called IndyCall from Playstore or Click Here to download the Application. Once you Install the Application and open it. There you can see the Dailpad with contacts, Recents and Minutes options on the top of the Screen. Now Type the mobile number to which you want to call with country code in the begining like (+91 XXXXX XXXXX) and press the Call option. Thatsit your friend will get call with a random forigen number. Now you call Prank with your friend. But remember, use this Trick Only for teasing or to prank with your friends and dont use this for Illegal activites.

how to call with unknown number

You will 60 minutes free then after you can buy the plan you want.


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