How to change voice to female voice while talking on mobile.

female voice change

Everyone once in their lifetime gets the situation that they want to change the voice while talking to someone. And some friends always want to prank their friends with female voice then this Application helps you in those situations. Not only that nowadays many people want to change the background sounds while talking to someone, but in these situations also this Application can help you.

Notice: This Application is purely Educational purpose, don’t use this for illegal activities.

female voice call

This Application is available on play store with the name MagicCall – Voice Changer App, or you can download it by (clicking here). After installing the application check the I agree on terms and conditions checkbox and click on the register button below.

Now type your mobile number. You can type fake mobile number also but, the number which you type only will display to the receiver instead of your mobile number so choose wisely which number should type. Now click on the Next button, then verify your account by entering the OTP.

Here two tabs will be shown first one is voices, and the second one is the background. On the voices tab, you have several options like Sunny (female voice), kid, Male, Cartoon, Superstar, Normal you can select any voice from that. Similarly, on the background tab, you have options like Rain, concert, Birthday, Traffic. Select the voice you want and click on the call button then contacts are shown there. Select the contact to whom you want to call that’s it you can talk normally, but the Application changes your voice to selected voice. You can also check the voice by going to call recording tab. Similarly, you can add the background also.



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