Now you can know who unfollowed you on Instagram by doing this.

who unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram is the favourite social media platform many of you, and I’m sure many of you love it too. So whenever you see your follower count dipping it bothers you a lot, there’s no easy way to find out who unfollowed you on the Instagram app, unfortunately. And manually going through my follower’s list to look for unfollowers is just too much work. There is a way to keep track of your followers and unfollowers on Instagram. We are here to tell you just how to do that. As I said before the only method to find out who unfollowed you on the Instagram app is to do it manually by searching through all your followers and to see. There are a bunch of apps that I tested for both Android and IOS these apps basically, help you keep a track on the people who have unfollowed you on Instagram.

 Let me show you how they work now. Before we go ahead, please make a note by using these third-party apps, you will be giving them access to some of your Instagram . We would advise caution when giving an app access to your data on social media. The second problem is that Instagram could change its API at any time, so there’s a possibility that some of these apps will stop working altogether. Finally, you won’t get any data regarding who followed or unfollowed you in the past.

These apps can only log your unfollowers from the day you set them up with your account first. I tried using the follow meter app, which I installed on both Android and iOS. The problem with it was that it was very inconsistent in terms of refreshing the list of followers and unfollowers.

Finally, I found reports+ which is available for both Android and IOS. Let me show you how it works. I will be showing it on an Android smartphone, but it shares the same UI and features on iOS as well.

 Once the app gets install you will need to sign in with your credentials, so this is what the home page layout looks like this.

Reports+ app

All you need to do is to pull down from the top for the app to refresh and that’s it .immediately you will know if you have gained followers or lost some of them in their respective tabs. You can also check for people who are following you and also the ones whom you are following additionally.

Reports+ app

You can go to settings by hitting the hamburger icon in the top left corner from there you can choose to turn on push notifications that you will receive whenever someone unfollows or blocks you.

Reports+ app

The app also offers some unnecessary premium features. You can check who and followed you on Instagram for free. Now reports+ will help you manage your followers and unfollowers do you want to quickly unfollow all those people who have unfollowed you.

on Android download cleaner for Instagram. sign in with your credentials.

cleaner for insta

This is the home page from the bottom bar you can check the people you follow, the ones who are following you, your uploaded files and finally your photos and videos. Now Instagram doesn’t allow you to do mass actions, for example, try deleting a bunch of pictures on the app, and you will have to do it one by one. But it’s not the case for the cleaner app. so say you want to unfollow a bunch of people, simply go to the followers tab select multiple users once tap on the blue flash button present at the bottom, from the options select unfollow. You can try doing the same steps for following multiple people or just to delete multiple posts.

cleaner for insta

Similarly, if you are using an iOS device download mass unfollow for Instagram from the App Store sign in with your credentials and get started, the app was similar to the cleaner app on Android. So if you wish to delete a bunch of photos, simply select by tapping on them once done tap on the action and select delete. Similarly, you can repeat the process for other options as well. Yes, there are a bunch of other apps that do these things as well.



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