Tips for How to Earn Money Online in India 2020

Tips to earn online money

Some of the Tips to Earn Money online

Here are few methods and Tips mentioned to Earn Money Online During the period of lock-down this may surely help you.

This Few Methods and Tips actually don’t need any Investment and can earn as much as you work.

How much you earns will depends upon the platform you choose.

Top Most Tips for Earning Money Online are

Freelancing  –

Tips to Earn Money Online


Freelancing is one of the best way of online earning method. By doing freelancing projects one can earn a huge amount of around 2 Lakh and more by taking up the projects. One can work as a full time or a part time job and also earns more than a regular full time job. There are several freelancing sites in which one can register and take up the projects as well post the works and it works on the bidding system the payment is secured by the sites. Here one can take up the projects of their Interest and skills at which they are good at.

Initially one will not get more projects but by working more and after 1 or 2 projects can get more projects confirmed by having the high ratings.

Tips to Earn Money online through freelancing sites for your reference

Starting a Website or a blog –

Tips to earn money online

Blog or a website is also one of the way by which one can earn a passive income by maintaining it and doing the posts regularly. one should be passionate in blogging because it takes some time i.e., 6 to 8 months period to earn income in blogging.

One can choose the topic on which they are interested and post regularly and concentrate on the keywords for which they have  to rank. Some bloggers earn monthly 2 Lakhs  to 5 Lakhs by doing blogging.

Initially can start a blog or a website by taking free hosting services and then after slow increase in the traffic and income can choose the hoisting plans of their requirement.

Online Recharges –

Tips to earn money online

Online Recharges is another way of earning Income in the period of lock down. One will get the commission by doing the recharges and also by SIM Activation’s and by doing MNP’s .

Their will be different earning patters  for different roles of doing recharges such as Retailer, Distributor, etc.,

Some of the online Recharge services by which can earn are

Jio POS Lite

Telecome Ad

 Affiliate Marketing –

Tips to earn money online in India

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best way to earn a huge amount monthly. By joining as a Associate in online businesses one can earn by referring the products in their personal sites, sharing in their profiles, etc., If someone clicks the link and buy  then the commissions would be generated.

Join from here in Amazon Affiliate Program 

 Online surveys and review writing –

online earning tips

Online surveys  is a popular way of earning for students, one should fill the online surveys to earn money in their spare time. By spending few time on surveys and form filling can earn a lot of money which is more popular for students to earn as a part time job.

Swagbucks is one site where one get rewards for surveys, watching videos, Games, etc.,

 Social Media Posting  and Management –

online money earning tips

Earn from Social Media posting and management, By maintaining the pages and the groups in social media and get the followers and page likes by posting regularly. After reaching the eligible criteria of page ads and group ads can earn the passive income monthly  by reaching more people and one can also get the ads from the outside like you can charge for the posts to be placed in your pages of  others.

 Web Designing –

Online Earning

By doing web designing one can earn money and there are lots of projects for web-designing in freelancing sites as well in the market and now a days their is huge demand for web-designing. Some designers are earning a lot through this by working as a full time job in companies and also by doing projects.

 Content Writing –

Online earnings

From many of the Tips to Earn Money online content writing is also one best way to earn, who ever have the knowledge of writing the Articles and also interested in content writing can earn a bulk amount’s for an Article. Content is called as the king for the blogs because without the content their will be nothing.

For the ideas of content preparation their are many sites to refer and one can also prepare the content for the you-tube videos too.

Earn Money through YouTube channel –

Tips to earn

YouTube channel is one other way of earning online by doing the videos of their interested topics. After reaching the eligible criteria one can earn passive income from their you-tube  video ads.

Trading –

Tips to Earn

One who are aware of the business and the market economics can earn by doing the trading in their spare time. By doing Trading some have earned a lot and also some have lost the whole money this is because not aware of the market growth popularly.


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