What is Whatsapp Business App and Whatsapp API? Differences.

Whatsapp business

If you’re wondering what is Whatsapp business? Well, here’s a quick summary of everything you need to know.

There are two kinds of Whatsapp business accounts Whatsapp business app and Whatsapp business API.

The Whatsapp business app is designed to meet the needs of local businesses app accounts are limited to
one user on one registered smartphone.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp business API does not have an interface, and this type of account is perfect for medium to large companies as it supports an unlimited number of users and devices.

Setting up a WhatsApp business app account is simple; all you need is a phone and a SIM card.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business

To get started for an API account, you need to apply to a website partner and wait for account approval before you can begin messaging on the Whatsapp.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp business app you can send an unlimited number of messages with no approval required on the content you can send and using the app is free.
In Whatsapp business API, there are two types of messages you can send. The first is session messages any message sent within 24 hours of a user’s last message counts as a session message. Similar to messaging on the app during the session messaging window, you can send any number of messages with no required approval and content. After 24 hours you must send template messages, and the content of these must be pre-approved by Whatsapp. As for API pricing you pay a fee to Whatsapp for every template message you send.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business

In general, your Whatsapp partner will also charge their own fees for any messages session or template usually at a rate similar to their regular SMS prices the Whatsapp business app enables you to broadcast messages to up to 256 contacts at a time as well as automate greeting messages away messages and quick replies for an API account.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business

You can connect your Whatsapp CRM to help you with message automation overall with a quick and easy setup process and no message limitations of what that business app account has a lot to offer small companies one downside you can’t connect to a CRM with an app account. Still, you can start with Whatsapp API if you do not have an existing CRM to connect to you will need to build or buy one that’s Whatsapp business in a nutshell.

Whatsaap API, Whatsapp Business


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